New York Yankees: Tyler Wade, Super Utility Player?

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New York Yankees: Tyler Wade, Super Utility Player?

Post by admin » Fri Dec 27, 2019 8:14 am

It looks as if the 2020 New York Yankees team may be better than previous teams fielded in years past, as for seemingly the first time in a long time, the Yankees have — across the board — the best team in the league: A revamped rotation featuring prized player, Gerrit Cole, and the analytical Matt Blake as the new pitching coach. A talented bullpen, seen by many as the best in the league, featuring numerous arms that can touch 100 MPH. Of course, the offense is one of the best across baseball, and it features massive power and keen eyes top to bottom. However, one of the most important facets in baseball is the amount of depth, and bench production as well. The Yankees’ bench this upcoming season is still up in the air, as there are question marks around who could potentially be seen on the LU card as bench bats. One of the players who NEEDS to be on the 26 man roster is Tyler Wade.

While Tyler Wade’s MLB career has been, in a word: mediocre, at best, there’s most definitely a need for his talent and skillset on the major league roster. While Wade certainly won’t smash home runs left and right, what he does well & what he brings to the table, is vitally important to the New York Yankees success this upcoming season. Despite the fact that he is listed as an SS/2B on the roster chart, Wade also dabbles in LF, and CF as well. With his incredible speed, and quick and solid glove work, and ability to play all across the field, Tyler Wade should be a valuable asset for the Yankees this season going forward.

Wade last year took a big step forward from his disastrous showing of a season in 2018, as he was able to, across 43 games, post a 10.2% BB Rate, steal 7 bases, and accumulate a 0.3 fWAR. While his triple slash itself wasn’t anything too shiny (worked out to a .692 OPS) Wade will never be one to slug at a high rate or light up the stat sheet, but what he lacks in power he makes up for in his speed and plate discipline. His ability to slap the ball and leg out doubles on balls that would be singles for most other players is another added dimension to his game. His 60 Speed rating — according to Fangraphs’ prospect analysis back in 2017 — was disrespectful in my opinion, as Wade has showcased his elite ability to run, on any given day for the Yankees. Add to that his ability to take and wait on pitches, and he could very well be a capable 2-3 win shortstop in coming seasons.

The problem for Wade seems to be just getting the AB’s necessary to string together consistent performances. Wade never really has been given a long leash, and because of that his overall usage rate and individual confidence have been down. For T-Dizzle, I think allowing him to see 300-350 Plate Appearances this year, and utilizing him as if he were the New York Yankees’ Ben Zobrist, could see him perform at a much higher rate than in the past few seasons. Allowing a player to come into their own, and ride the highs and lows of a season, are what help them improve. For a player to be allowed to go through cold streaks, and to be encouraged that there are better performances around the corner — adverse to being benched and placed sporadically in the LU over the course of two seasons — would be far more beneficial to that players’ career.

Last season, Tyler’s batting average was a rust-covered .245, but his OBP was 85 points higher, at .330. Assuming Wade is able to play a few games a week and is actually given the reps, there’s reason to believe he can be a capable .270 guy, with a .350 OBP. Pair that with a handful of extra-base hits and a SLG % of hopefully around .400, and that right there is a .750 OPS utility guy that’s basically a Swiss-Army knife with nitrous attached at his heels. Should the Yankees allow him to play, and allow him to ride both the highs and lows throughout the season, he could be a very valuable player down the stretch, and can easily nab 20 stolen bases as well.

Look for Tyler Wade to come into camp this year with a fire lit inside of him, wanting to prove to everyone within the organization that he deserves a spot on this new juggernaut of a team. He fits in with just what the Yankees need, and will likely play all across the field this upcoming season — should he be given the chance he deserves. He could be the secret weapon and potential X-Factor, especially given his skillset and how different it is compared to what the Yankees excel at.

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